Wednesday, February 25, 2009

spendyourself (again)

this is my second go at the logo for spendyourself.  lee came back to me with some good feedback, and today i have been working at creating the right balance between the image i created before, and something that will work better within his critiques.

Monday, February 16, 2009

logo for spend yourself

this was the first submission for a non-profit organizations named "spendyourself"
this company exists to bring awareness and challenge to young people across the globe in different area of need.  their first priority is to serve Afghanistan.  in a prior post there is a tan shirt that i did for this specific project.  lee hasnt given me the thumbs up yet, but i thought it was good enough to post.

spirits of the red city

i have been a long time fan of the musician Will Garrison.  i find out recently through my friend Michael Winters that Garrison is now apart of a band and is coming through to play at the louisville venue the 930.  i immediately downloaded the album from itunes, put my headphones on, and just listened.  the album isn't a masterpiece, but Will has some of the most interesting and powerful lyrics/vocals that i can recall.  riding the wave of excitement i decided to do the show poster.  i ended up getting something pretty dark and mysterious, which is what i was going for, but at the end of designing the poster i did ask myself "how did i get here?" im happy with it, and i have gotten a lot of great responses from the community of poster makers at  i look forward to the show certaintly.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

get up and try again

so nathan (part owner of quills coffee) didn't go for the first two quills shirts. which to be honest, i totally understand why. they are too intense.  the only reason i submitted them is because i spent so much time on them, and needed to be told to drop it and move on.  so once i got news that these initial two wouldn't work i started plugging away at this.  i feel like this design is more accessible to a broader group of people, but still has qualities of something less accessible.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


here are some shirts that i submitted to my friend nathan.  he wanted some staff shirts for his coffee shop that would serve as a limited prints.  this style of design is what i love the most about working. allthough i dont believe that it is my strongest point... i love working at it.