Tuesday, April 27, 2010


this was a suggested logo concept i gave to a friend last year. he owns a business which works along with car dealerships to create data inventory of their product online. the concept here is to show information transforming into data. Data is a shapeless thing and impossible to illustrate, but i feel as though in our cultures mind... if we had to put a shape to data it would be blocky. so we have here an image that imitates a stop light; the red(stop) is information, then turns yellow as transforming, then to green(GO!) once it has achieved data status. it was a perk that these objects arranged such a way that the letter "i" emerged for integradata. my friend didn't go for the concept, but i thought it turn out nice and wanted to share it with you guys.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whats New (click on photos to enlarge)

This is a 20 page book for sojourn community church's mission/vision for the next 10 years. the cover image communicates the idea that the gospel heals and transforms everything through the cross of christ. the first spread is a letter from the pastors, each represented by the exploding envelope on the right (made by michael winters). on the right of the second spread is a collection of items that represent the forming first 5 years of sojourn; the old giving box, the ethiopian cross, quirky photos, etc. the next 2 spreads are graphs representing the need for more workers in the church, and the state of poverty in our immediate area as it relates to home ownership (in hopes of teaching the renting poor how to own their property, and therefore make a investment for their future.) this was by far the biggest project i had worked on up to that point... it turned out great.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

pearland coffee roasters

some friends of mine recently moved to pearland texas where the decided to open a coffee roasters. we worked pretty closely on this logo to create something classy, sharp, clean, but also cool. the first image is their main logo, and the second image is for stickers, stamps, other more strip down mediums.