Tuesday, October 6, 2009

devotianal art

this illustration emphasizes the weight of Gods word on jeremiah as he shares very difficult/heavy revelations with israel in jeremiah 26.  we too have Gods word through scripture and need to feel the weight of its responsibility; at the same time we need to walk in the freedom of Gods word.  We need not be concerned with death, judgment, or a general fear of people, but seek first to do as God commands(which is ultimately for our good)

brooks ritter t-shirt

brooks ritter released his first album a little less then a year ago; the title of the album is "a horse fell lame".  the album seeks to express the incomparable God of scripture with a weak insufficient self.  As a response to the nature of the album, i decided to create an image that identified everyone(brooks ritter included) as "lame".
the image is off to print and will be for sale at his october 29th show with Sarah Watkins.

Friday, October 2, 2009


this is the newest edition to a list of some submissions for the 930's affordable art show.