Monday, December 21, 2009

the parade schedule

it has been over a year since i have done a gig poster.  after all of my work in branding, making brochure, my new focus on type and layout... i really feel out of touch with making posters.  this is a sobering feeling because  it was gig posters that initially turned me on to graphic design.  my respect for certain poster makers has been re-instated.

new stuff added to my website

i looked over my work from the past year, and decided that my website was long overdue for an update.  the new material help balance out the style and quality of work that i am putting out these days. you can visit the website at 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Matthews Table

Here is another logo/brochure design for a acts 29 church plant. This church is going to be planted in richmond virginia, the ninth most dangerous city in the U.S.  I attempted to bring a street art culture to the brochure, without losing any momentum with the delivery of text, and without alienating those potential supporters from the burbs... hopefully my street cred goes up a notch with this one.