Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whats New (click on photos to enlarge)

This is a 20 page book for sojourn community church's mission/vision for the next 10 years. the cover image communicates the idea that the gospel heals and transforms everything through the cross of christ. the first spread is a letter from the pastors, each represented by the exploding envelope on the right (made by michael winters). on the right of the second spread is a collection of items that represent the forming first 5 years of sojourn; the old giving box, the ethiopian cross, quirky photos, etc. the next 2 spreads are graphs representing the need for more workers in the church, and the state of poverty in our immediate area as it relates to home ownership (in hopes of teaching the renting poor how to own their property, and therefore make a investment for their future.) this was by far the biggest project i had worked on up to that point... it turned out great.


  1. Damn, Tyler. Looking good.

  2. yup, should've known that was you.

    yr stuff is always just my favorite.


  3. this booklet turned out amazing! thanks Tyler for your awesome work for Sojourn!
    - Leslie H.