Monday, May 11, 2009

turkey hunting

i have never killed something in my life...  it is a totally bizarre and surreal thing.
this past weekend my brother and i spent time at cabin, walking around with shotguns, looking for turkeys.  i was successful.  after killing it, i had to take it apart and put it on ice.  i have a renewed appreciation for meat...  death in any form shouldn't be taken lightly, and i intend to savor the meal in which i eat that turkey.
also, i have recieved a few jobs recently... i have been very distracted from design in the past two months... but am working to make more things in the immediate future.  so for you that are interested, i should be updating my blog more often.


  1. My Dad used to take me turkey hunting. Left to myself, hunting is not a huge interest, but it makes for great times and memories. He still has the spurs and beard from my first turkey.


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  3. somebody gave me an 'outdoor' bible this past weekend. it has a camaflauge cover and waterproof pages. let me know next time you go hunting so it can be used in it's proper place.