Monday, June 22, 2009


the aspect of art i most enjoy observing is composition and use of space.  i like seeing everything in its right place, allthough... i rarely know where that place is, until its put there.  i admire those who study composition and have a good explanation of how it works.  but for me, i just like spending time adjusting a piece until it feels right.
so i took a light-hearted challenge for myself.  i decided that i was going to try to crop/edit/salvage several photographs selected from the 45 photographs i took during my 2 month trip to Guatemala.  The camera i used was a Holga(basically a plastic box with a shutter) it was my first time using that type of camera and on my return, after getting the film developed... only a handful of pictures came out the way they were intended to.  The rest were a mess of collage exposures, showing only glimpses of the subject. 
i enjoy how the edits turned out, and it was a joy for me to experiment with composition on photographs that remind me of many good things.
i hope you guys enjoy them aswell.

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  1. thanks for sharing these.
    I really enjoy 2, 3 & 10.