Monday, March 22, 2010

old, good, unused

first off, Royal is doing very well. he drinks breast milk all day long... all day long. i love him.

since i am taking a short hiatus from design, i thought i might post a job i did for sojourn a couple of months ago which never got used. the work turned out good, but didn't work well with the overall sermon series branding.

the overall job was to create 3 logos that coincided with one another, but uniquely represent the specific portion of the series. the year worth of sermons will work its way through proverbs, psalms, and A.D. (the whole new testament.)

for proverbs i decided to use the image of a scroll. the scroll is what initiated the preservation of these words of wisdom which has passed down generation to generation over the past 2,500 years.

for psalms i decided to follow the theme of a music sheet. the word psalms is contained by the bars of the music sheet, except the letter "m" which is actually in the form of a music note which is being lifted off the music sheet. psalms is a collection of songs in worship of God, so the "m" is being lifted toward heaven.

A.D. was the toughest of this series. how do you represent the whole of the new testament in one image? it wasn't easy, but after much reflection i decided that the new testament would't exist apart from jesus's resurrection. although Jesus' ministry in all was remarkable, it was his resurrection which solidified his identity as God, and therefore began all that took place afterwards. So, the image i chose to use was a picture of Jesus' tomb with the stone rolled away.

hopefully i will have some new work to show you in the next couple of weeks.

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