Monday, March 16, 2009

everyone on the ground

last night, at 10 pm, 3 men walked into my backyard where my wife, room mates, 5 other friends and i sat around a fire drinking beer and telling jokes.  they were carrying guns and yelling to us all to get on the ground and empty our pockets.  we did as the asked, they yelled, grabbed and scrambled away.  no one was hurt. its hard to find the words to explain such an experience.  i did this piece above... as a way of doing something... even if it has no relevance to the problem at large.
for you whom pray.  pray that fear does not make a foot hold in any of our lives, pray that we can love our neighborhood and still seek to serve it, not becoming bitter and spiteful to our surroundings, pray that we have peace in our home, that we sleep well, and most importantly that the Gospel be the center of our living.


  1. Maggie and I will be praying. May the perfect love of our Lord drive out all fear, yours, your neighbors and the robbers.

  2. Wow ... crazy. Glad everyone is OK.

  3. oh my gosh, man. that's messed up. good to hear nobody was hurt.

  4. prayers over you and your town.

    thats intense. i hope you are doing ok this week so far.