Tuesday, March 3, 2009

there and back again - a friends tale, by tyler deeb

when my friend bradley asked my wife noel and i if we would drive to southern California with him, pick up his girlfriend(to move her to louisville), then turnaround and drive back... we said "of-course", but we only have 5 days to spare.  So starting at 11 am friday morning we embarked on a road trip of severe intensity and insanity.  we arrived back in louisville tuesday at 2 am.   our butts may be permanently flattened, but our sense of accomplishment and excitement for life is like a soaring eagle over mountains with a freshly caught mouse in its beak.  jessica(bradleys GF) now calls louisville home, i can finally say that i took a 70 hr road trip, bradley is reassured of the quality of our friendship, and we now have an array of poorly taken photos in black and white film from the trip.  we are hoping that because its BW it will look like real art.

the end


  1. Nice. Sounded like a lot of fun. Back when I was active in music my band drove 16+ hours to play a show in Long Island, NY. We played, packed up and played the next day in Chicago - another 16+ hour drive.

  2. "poorly taken" is a compound adjective of the most subjective nature.

  3. that doesnt make any sense to me... but i am certain it does for you.
    p.s. i am working on a re-creation of those jesse james billboards.